Mid-West 2014 Design Build Competition

Mid-West Steel Building Company is eager to see all the great projects our Builders have completed in 2014. To submit a project or projects for consideration in our annual Design Build Competition, please follow the rules and guidelines outlined here.

To be eligible for the contest, projects have to have been completed during the 2014 calendar year.

FINAL DEADLINE:  In order to enter the competition, projects must be delivered to the attention of Marketing no later than Wednesday, March 4, 2015. Projects submitted after this date may not be eligible for judging in this year’s competition. Send projects to:

Via Email:


Via USPS/UPS, etc.

Mid-West Steel Building Company

7313 Fairview St.

Houston, TX 77041

ATTN: Marketing

PROJECT SUBMISSIONS: Enter as many projects as  you wish. All projects entered must have been completed between January 1, 2014 and December 31, 2014. Each project submission must include:

  1. A completed Design Build form, including authorized building Owner and Builder signatures. Click on the thumbnail below to open and print .


pdfthumbnail aspx


2. At least one good color photograph – either an 8×10 print or a high resolution digital image (preferably 300dpi or better).

PHOTO QUALITY GUIDELINES: At Mid-West, we recommend having professional photographs taken of your top projects. However, if this is not an option, refer to the following photography tips and guidelines:

Photo Quality & Cameras

Digital Photographs – To assure a good quality print, a digital camera with at least 3.1 Mega Pixels is recommended.. Also, use the highest resolution setting available on the camera, at least 300 dpi. Some cameras may list GOOD, BETTER and BEST options. Always use the BEST setting.

Polaroid & Disposable Cameras – These should be avoided because they are not the highest in quality and photos usually do not scan very well.

35 mm – When taking 35 mm photos, use a maximum of ISO-200 speed film. (ISO-100 if you plan to enlarge your photo at some point.) The higher the number and the faster the film speed, the grainier the print will appear. In this case, faster is not better. Stick to the lower number.

Taking the Photo

When taking a photo, pay attention to factors that will detract from your building, such as busy or dull backgrounds and view-obstructions such as vehicles, people or machinery. Avoid taking a photo if there is too much light behind the building or it is gray and gloomy. Ideally, you want the sun behind you when taking the photograph. If the background is too dark, use a flash. Also, try and take symmetrical photographs with an even balance between ground and sky.

Developing & Mailing Prints

When developing prints taken with your film camera, get a CD of the prints made. Make photos are scanned at a good, high resolution. If mailing prints via the USPS, DO NOT STAPLE THE PHOTO TO A SHEET. USE A PAPER CLIP INSTEAD. Turn the photo face down so the printed side faces the paper. Now when you attach the paper clip, it touches only the back of the photo.