Building Systems

Whether you’re in the market for a simple, low-complexity building or a large complicated structure, Mid-West has the staff, the expertise and the manufacturing plants to deliver. Our pre-engineered steel systems make the erection process simpler and faster, giving you flexibility paired with uncommon design options and aesthetic appeal.

hybrid The professionals at Mid-West can create, design or implement a solution for your Class A, conventional steel or hybrid design schools, office buildings, heavy manufacturing facilities and distribution centers.

Additionally, parking garages and water treatment plants are other projects that may call for a hybrid structure. This type of building is ideal for projects that require bridge cranes, mezzanines, multiple floors, heavy loading or large area spans.

Need wide open spaces? Mid-West’s patented pre-engineered metal Long Bay® Building system delivers. Long Bay® gives you more wide open spaces where you need it most in warehouses and industrial buildings that require open floor space. Plus, Long Bay® is pre-engineered to require less bridging, and fewer footings and columns — which saves money and increases usable space.

Other Long Bay® features include:
• Accommodates bays up to 65 feet in width and roof loading up to 70 psf.
• Requires no on-site welding. Everything bolts together for quick, secure connection.
• Pre-engineered to reduce total project time due to the ease of erection.
• Compatible with many wall and roofing systems for increased flexibility in design and construction.
• Superior strength-to-weight ratios.

expressplus Our ExpressPlus™ building program offers a low-complexity metal building at a very competitive price. This web-based system offers a simplified ordering and pricing process that allows you to generate a metal building quote, based on your specifications, in a matter of minutes.

Our system reduces the amount of time it takes to detail and design projects by automating tasks such as charting area building codes, detailing eave and rake conditions and determining which materials to include for a particular roof slope.
Best of all, ExpressPlus™ offers a vast array of options and accessories so you can customize the design of your metal building. With ExpressPlus™, your next small building order is as easy as a point and click!

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ministorages Mid-West can provide you with a variety of self-storage metal building systems. These self-storage systems are perfect for single and multi-storage applications for individuals as well as commercial owners.

These buildings offer a climate-controlled design options, simple construction and erection as well as architectural appeal. Additionally, these systems are conducive to future expansion.