With the fast-paced changes we are experiencing in our industry, you need the right tools and technology to not only keep up but to stay ahead of the competition.  For this reason, we are pleased to introduce Mid-West’s Builder’s Gateway, our new customer portal that will centralize project tracking and the documentation process.

What is Mid-West’s Builder’s Gateway?

Mid-West’s Builder’s Gateway is a web-based solution that will provide you an easy-to-use, single-entry point that grants users with consolidated access and the ability to view your account to include active projects and project documentation.

Increased Functionality to Enhance the Customer Experience

Mid-West’s Builder’s Gateway will benefit all users by providing single-point access to the data that is the most important to you.

All your project-related information will now be accessible in one convenient location, which leads to better decisions, higher productivity, and greater efficiency. The user-friendly interface and dashboard will allow you to manage your in-progress projects and well as create new ones.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates coming you way about this innovative tool!