May 22, 2012 – Houston – Bennett Building Systems of Burleson, Texas, has been named the 2011 recipient of Mid-West Stell’s President Award. This award is given each year to a builder who has been outstanding in every way – in their sales volume, standard of business, personal integrity and loyalty to Mid-West.

A consistent high-volume Mid-West builder, Bennett Building Systems Inc. , of Burleson, TX, was founded in 1988 by Ken Olsen, current head of Bennett Building Systems. Bennett has an extensive background in commercial and industrial construction.

When asked which project he was particularly proud of in the past year, Olsen immediately joked, “I’m proud of all of them that paid me!”

He went on to say he’s very proud of the work he’s done for Sabre Tuburlar Structures in Alvarado, Texas. He explained, “They are a great repeat customer for us. We just finished their executive offices that are unbelievable. We added another 100,000 square foot building to their plant. In all, we’ve done close to $20 million worth of work for them, including the largest hot dip galvanizer of its type in North America.” Olsen explained, “We do a lot of manufacturing plants – we know the manufacturing business as well as anyone around. We understand what a manufacturing facility needs. We advise clients to look at their manufacturing process before deciding on the size of their building.”

Another thing that sets Bennett apart from other builders is his in-house design team. Olsen explains, “We are a true design build company. We have an inside

architect, and we do our own plans for every project. We can whip out plans faster than anyone and with fewer mistakes.”

Gerry King, Mid-West Steel Building District Manager, says of Olsen, “He’s a very talented and extremely smart individual. Whatever he does, he’s a perfectionist at it. He does a lot of complicated, unique projects. He is an expert in the larger pre-engineered roof raising projects where they go into an existing facility and raise part of the roof.”

When asked about his business philosophy, Olsen replied, “You never tell anyone you’re going to do something unless you are going to do it. Sometimes I have to tell customers bad news, but they appreciate that. They like the fact that we are honest and we take care of them.”

In his spare time, Olsen is an avid bow hunter, often traveling to the Gila Winderness in New Mexico. He also is a talented musician and plays multiple instruments and sings with a local band on occasion.

Over the years, Bennett Building Systems has earned many accolades from Mid-West. They have been in the Top 15 volume builders and have earned numerous Award of Excellence honors in the Mid-West Steel Building Company Design Build competition.

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