September 17, 2013 – Houston – The District Manager (DM) of the Year award is presented to the DM who has truly had an exemplary year and can serve as a role model for other DMs. Gerry

King’s performance earned him this distinction for the third year in a row. In fact, King has earned the DM of the Year award five times. King has been with Mid-West since 1996. He has risen through the ranks, and is a consistent contender each year for the top volume producer. Customers all across the United States and several national corporate accounts rely on Gerry. He was kept very busy in 2012 with 90 Family Dollar/Dollar General stores for multiple investors.

Mid-West President Ed Kohutek praised King’s work ethic, “Gerry works a tremendous number of hours taking care of his very loyal group of builders. In addition to his Family Dollar and Dollar General business, his customer base includes builders who work in the agricultural, oilfield, education, office and warehouse/industrial sectors. Mid-West is very fortunate to have Gerry King on our team.”

On a personal note, Gerry is passionate about horses and horseback riding. He has been a member of the White Mountain Range riders since 1977 and has only missed two of the annual rides since his first.  The group, which began in 1953, comprises men from all walks of life. For more than 60 years, they’ve continued to gather each year to spend a week traveling Arizona’s White Mountains on horseback. Gerry has made the trip for 35 years now and looks forward to the next ride!

About Mid-West Steel Building Company

A division of NCI Building Systems, L.P., Mid-West Steel Building Company specializes in the development, fabrication and distribution of custom-engineered steel frame buildings. With more than 30 manufacturing facilities strategically located across the United States and in Mexico, the company serves its loyal builder network with a broad line of products and services for the construction of facilities encompassing warehouses, manufacturing, office, retail, hangar, community and agriculture. Mid-West was founded in 1970 and became a division of NCI in 1984.