Project Description

JAMCo (Johnson Architectural Metals Company,) the 2014 Mid-West Steel Building Company Building of the Year, is a multi-building project located in Bastrop. JAMCo, a Georgia-based construction company, built the structure to serve as their Texas regional headquarters. The company furnishes and installs exterior envelopes for high-rise buildings. The project consists of three buildings: a crane building, a warehouse building and an office building.

The 80’ x 200’ x 28’ crane building has a 1:12 roof slope designed for a five-ton top running crane; the beams, brackets, stops and rail were manufactured by Mid-West.

The warehouse building is 80’ x 300’ x 20’ with a 1:12 roof slope. It has wall light transmitting panels at the eaves on the back sidewall and 10’ long ridge vents. The roof of the crane and warehouse buildings is PBR Galvalume; the walls are Signature 300 PBR in Tundra and trim is Hawaiian Blue.

The office building is 47’-4” by 59’-5-1/2’ by 27’-0” (low side and 27’-11-13/16 (high side.) The roof is “B” deck for a TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roof installed by others. The walls were left open to receive 8” thick glass panels fabricated by JAMCo. The building has a full mezzanine with decking and joists by Mid-West. Accessories included back wall light transmitting panels.

LoneStar Construction of Houston was the General Contractor. L & Y Construction of Houston was the erector and roofing contractor. Husman Architecture PLLC, Houston, and JAMCo were the designers.